At the Devil's Left Hand reviewed by Teeth of the Divine
Bloodlust is the type of band that could easily slip under the radar and be overlooked for higher profile bands and releases. However, Bloodlust punch above their low profile and the razor sharp execution and catchy song-writing inspires repeat doses of the band’s infectious fun and mayhem. At the Devil’s Left Hand is a quality, underrated release that’s a top notch example of old school blackened thrash that should please avid fans of the style. [Read More...]
At the Devil's Left Hand Review by Two Guys Metal Reviews
Playing it fast and loose, Bloodlust are unleashing something that feels strangely natural on this record. The blurted vocals and unbridled paeans to the devil are delicious. They remind us that this music is unique and powerful, that we can't separate ourselves from this demonic music and that extreme metal will always have a place in this world. [Read More...]
At the Devil's Left Hand reviewed by Bringer of Death Zine
In my opinion this is another great sounding album from Bloodlust and if you are a fan of blackened thrash metal, you should check out this recording. [Read More...]
At the Devil's Left Hand reviewed by Head-Banger Zine
Thrash and black metal come together for yet another unholy alliance with this album in cohesion with some melodic factions, but it’s Bloodlust that’s guiding these squadrons and calling the orders upon all things the light touches in order to conquer them for the black lord. [Read More...]
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